Educational Theory into Practice Software

ETIPS - Make Thinking Visible

One of the most appealing features of the ETIPS cases is their flexibility. ETIPS cases cover a range of instructional topics and school settings for use in a variety of teacher education courses. Assignments are easily custom-made to meet specific curricular and student needs and to accommodate a variety of implementation strategies.

Instructors can select cases addressing instructional principles and issues within each subject area. Then they can choose to have students practice instructional information-gathering and decision making about that issue in one or more of nine different schools: an elementary, middle school, or high school in a urban, suburban, or rural setting.

This means that ETIPS cases are readily adaptable for use in a variety of teacher education courses and to meet the varied needs of pre-service students. During testing, educators in participating universities successfully incorporated cases into a range of foundations, methods, and technology courses. The cases can also accommodate a variety of implementation strategies and be combined with classroom work in a number of ways.