Educational Theory into Practice Software

ETIPS - Make Thinking Visible

ETIPS cases are based upon current educational theory, research, and professional standards in both their design and content. Their effectiveness has been demonstrated by additional published and on-going research on their use.

Cases were designed to help students deepen their understanding of a set of research-supported theoretical principles embodied in accepted professional standards for each of the case topic areas. Each case enables students to apply one of these principles in a realistic setting of practice by addressing key questions identified in the case introduction. These theoretical constructs are further reinforced through the students' short essays and the rubrics used to score these essays.

From the beginning of the project we have collected and analyzed data on students' uses of the cases and faculty members' implementation practices. We continue to collect these data, which have helped us improve the cases, our recommended case methods of instruction, and our software. Reports, presentations, and white papers based on this research are also accessible by clicking on Research and Evaluation link at left.